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My name is N.M. Rose Guedes (aka. Dreamerqueen. I’m known as “Rose” to friends and family. I’m a self producing indie pop music artist and artivist, creative artist, creative fashion lover/amateur model, poet, writer, youtuber, advocate, and mom. I strive to produce catchy, unique pop music. My debut album, Live To Dream, has received positive praise and reviews! I’m excited to continue sharing it, work on my next album too, and keep spreading the word about my music and it’s message! I’ve been involved in a major battle with the rare/complex illness EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) but I do what I love to cope with pain and retain my vitality, as much as it’s possible.

I’ve been passionate about music, creative and literary arts since childhood, writing poetry from a young age, which as a young teen began to morph into songs. I am openly diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. I have to say that I credit my way of thinking for my creativity and way of writing music. As a youth, I developed a special interest in acting, musical theatre and modelling. I was definitely a “musical theatre geek” dressing up in wild, silly costumes with my chubby belly and buck teeth, reciting various Broadway numbers and favourite pop songs in front of my bedroom mirror. I took some classes too, which helped me socially connect and learn skills. Over the years I played and recorded some music, collaborating with others, and I dreamed of self producing, recording and releasing a music album.

In 2017, in spite of having been through a serious bout of illness the year before, I fulfilled that dream. After pulling through that last bout of illness, I promised myself that I would own my dream for real - hence the stage name ‘Dreamerqueen.” I released my debut album Live To Dream, in the fall of 2017. I composed, tracked and recorded the songs that summer, in my own bedroom ‘studio’, then sent them over to the talented Eric Hogg, of Soma Sound, for mixing and mastering. I am now excited to embark on developing and producing my 2nd album, Captainess, due in mid to late 2019.

I enjoy making music that’s fun, catchy and dynamic - but also meaningful and relate-able. I love fashion, ‘treasure collecting’ and expressing myself creatively. The arts are a passionate outlet for me. They’re way to express feelings and reflections, and I hope others may resonate.

I have also had a long standing interest in social issues, advocacy and making a difference in my own way. I experience barriers and hardship myself. I am person who is disabled with a genetic condition which has been mostly invisible and not well known about, though it is serious. I am also a person who is ‘different’ in my behaviour and thinking, because I am on the autistic spectrum, and for this reason I’ve experienced mis-judgment, discrimination and bullying. I have done a lot of work over the years to advocate and educate for both myself and others, including by sharing some of my experiences. I describes myself as a defiant warrior, who’s willing to fight for dreams and goals in spite of profound barriers, and to pass hope and strength to others. I feels strongly about human rights, equality, spreading awareness, and new ideas for positive social change. I’m experienced with trauma recovery and re-gaining ones’ self worth and personal empowerment - which hails from my own personal story.

Put it all together into an art form, you have Dreamerqueen music, and artivism.

Today, I’m determined to live my dream, and thus “live to dream”, in spite of major barriers. I’m determined to complete the next music album, which I hope will be also be dynamic and enjoyable. My stage name is about rebuilding your confidence and regaining your self worth in spite of bullying and various barriers like chronic illness - and owning your passions, talents and dreams. My dream has always been to be an accomplished pop music artist, writer and producer, who creates quality, catchy and meaningful music for others to enjoy and resonate with. Having been recently diagnosed with a serious complication of my condition, I’m defiantly (but gently and carefully) pursuing my dream “almost too late, but better late than never - and until I absolutely can’t .

I’m a survivor - but it’s taken me an amazingly long time to get to this place where I believed in myself enough to realize ‘you know what? maybe I can do this. I’m almost in my mid-thirties. I’m sick. But regardless I’m here now, and I am gonna do it. That was somewhat of a running theme throughout Live To Dream…and I’m really excited to expand that further, on the next album. Battling illness will not stop me, and I even feel that doing what I love will help and protect me. It sounds crazy but that’s how I feel!

However, my story is not main or only reason why I want you to listen to Live To Dream, and check out my future stuff - It’s because I think you might truly enjoy it and have fun! <3

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