Musical Artivist. Independent producer. Composer of catchy and meaningful synthpop tunes. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Warrior. Survivor. Dreamer. Fashion Lover. Cripster. Woman outside the boxes. Joy stealer. Advocate. Truthseeker. Worthy Unicorn. ~YOU ARE WORTHY~I AM WORTHY~WE ARE WORTHY~OF OUR DREAMS~

© Worthy Unicorn Creations 2018

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Between 2011-2014 when I was focussing on my "Girl Outside" activism project, I released two books.

Heart of A Womanchild poetry anthalogy, and Girl Outside (the book.) 

These books are also available in Pdf format as a gift to those especially interested in them.

Click on the screenshots below to read about them.

Contact me at dreamerqueen.pop@gmail.com if you have pledged and are interested in being sent a pdf copy via email!