Scarlit Rose Ashcraft aka 'Dreamerqueen'

Scarlit Rose Ashcraft aka. 'Dreamerqueen' - Indiepop Music Artist, Writer & Composer, Author, Poet, Advocate, Survivor, Neurodivergent, Fighting EDS & rare disease, disabled, freethinker, joystealer, peace, balance & healing seeker







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welcome to ltdg Fashion boutique

Welcome my ‘LTDG” Fashion Boutique! LTDG stands for “Live To Dream Gold” which, to me, means always remembering your self worth, and doing fun things for yourself, like dressing up - even in spite of barriers like chronic illness or depression. All proceeds from LTDG go to my fundraiser for medical and content creation purposes! (medical primarily, content creation secondarily!) I have a passion for fashion, I love to dress up and do makeup, sometimes with themes - and cosplay too! I don’t want to let my barriers with illness stop me! I have spent years ‘treasure hunting’ some really lovely, unique pieces - plus I used to work in fashion retail and would get a discount on some great stuff…but it’s a lot of stuff, and I really don’t need it all! So why not ‘share the love” and ‘re-home’ some of these lovelies? All items available are ‘gently loved’ and usually have been worn at least once - but are all in good to excellent condition! No stains, tears, rips or damages of any kinds on the items available! Many if not most items have been worn before, but carefully cared for and cleaned appropriately. How does it work? If you like an item, buy it on the store! Then, you will then be contacted to arrange adding on payment re: your choice of shipping (surface, express, priority courier.) After payments are received, your item will be shipped to you accordingly! New boutique pieces are added weekly or bi-weekly! Want to browse? Check out the store!

Make Me an offer program:

If you see me in photographs wearing a cute item that I am not selling on the store - this is because either it’s somehow damaged, was a gift, or, I just have no gotten around to putting it up on the store yet! So, I have a ‘make me an offer’ program where if you really love an item I am wearing, contact me and ask me whether I’d be willing to sell it! I will inform you of why I am not selling it (either it was a special gift, or has some damage.) I will still sell damaged items if you are aware of the nature of the damage and still want it! However, I can not sell items that were gifts to me (unless I really don’t like it - but you won’t see me wearing it if so!) After learning about damage, you decide if you still want to buy, and we can discuss the exchange via email: