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How the goal's raised funds would be used/distributed

This amount is assumed based on if 40,000 people were to pledge $5 (though more is welcome if one is able and wishes to.) This campaign is being treated like a fundraiser, with all pledges being diverted into a trust account. This is because I am on disability and if funds are acquired through 'donation' it is considered 'gift' rather than sale. If diverted into a trust to use for necessary specific purposes (like medical) it will not be deducted from monthly living income.

*Note: If surgery/medical care becomes very urgent, and enough funds are raised (minimum of 50,000 as we recently learned) we will go forward with the surgery, while the campaign continues to try and reach gold. Medical care will be the first priority, but I am hoping for and shooting for my full goal, because I hope to carry out the distribution of funds that I have mapped below. 

$5 x

40,000 = $200,000.00

10% for my son Elliots' RDSP fund (for when he's 19)


10% for my son Pearson' RDSP fund (for when he's 19)


10% appreciation pledge to the albums' investor


5% for EDS research 


$24,000.00 to produce 'Reward' gift package; 40,000 physical copies of Live To Dream CDs, 40,000 Worthy Unicorn pins, 40,000 golden apple thank you postcards. (this reward is essential to give out, for why go here)


A minimum of $106,000.000 in Trust for my interventional medical care, this would cover surgery, hospital fees, and internal/rehabilitation care. This is a good amount for what I need to recover and get a new lease on life!