Musical Artivist. Independent producer. Composer of catchy and meaningful synthpop tunes. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Warrior. Survivor. Dreamer. Fashion Lover. Cripster. Woman outside the boxes. Joy stealer. Advocate. Truthseeker. Worthy Unicorn. ~YOU ARE WORTHY~I AM WORTHY~WE ARE WORTHY~OF OUR DREAMS~

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about the message and meaning of Dreamerqueen and Live To Dream's theme&song lyrics:

I waited a little too long to pursue my true passion and really 'let it go' - but I'm doing it now and it is my goal to share it.

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Get awesome, unforgettable, affordable music for a good cause via Live To Dream Gold Campaign

Why the name "Dreamerqueen" ?

I am disabled, chronically ill with an unusual but brutal illness which badly needs more awareness, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I am also autistic, low income and multiply marginalized... and in spite of social messages projected towards me on a daily basis ie. 'weirdo', 'outsider', 'freak'. 'feeble', 'less than', 'unwelcome', a 'threat' in some way - I am rejecting them! I have worth, and so do you! 

I may have an incurable illness but I wish to, when I end up leaving this earth, be at peace, be happy, and not be feeling unworthy, gaslit, or defeated. No one (well, other than really bad criminals maybe) deserves to live that way, or 'leave' that way! 

I used the stage name "Dreamerqueen" as it just popped into my mind after I was listening to some well known music and lamented on the line “we’ll never be royals.” Then, I defiantly thought to myself a couple things. For one I thought it's kind of feudal and socially unequal to think that way, putting some people's worth so much above your own, while lamenting over how you will 'never be like that' .. this made me feel a bit anarchistic to be honest! and then I thought “No - I can do this. I was broken and I got back up - I am the queen of my dream!!"... It's about redeeming self worth - as some of the themes, like gold, symbolize.

But, "Dreamerqueen" is something of a playful antithesis to your usual 'queen.'

Also, there is cheeky humour in it, like a playful spoof on the things people who resent the typical "self-entitled millenial" grumble about ie. unicorns, rainbows, zebras, snowflake-ing etc...I'm not making fun of it as in putting it down, but rather, both celebrating lightly and having fun. I think it's good to laugh at ourselves a little, at our quirks, even our predicaments and such. Humour relief and light playfulness is good!

The "Dreamerqueen" image and name is that of a warrior more than a queen. It symbolizes never giving up on your dreams no matter what's happened to you or what your barriers are - and refusing to be broken in your sense of self and self worth or in your state of pain (if chronically ill.)

Lots was tried to break me, and originally i let myself be broken - I almost let it destroy my biggest dream, to produce and record a pop music album... but i got up and produced that bucket list dream album anyway.

Why the plain black "Shadowcrown"?

 In some photos I am seen wearing a tiara which is plain black. I call this the "shadowcrown" …it is plain and black as it represents a shadow. It's both honouring your shadow, and mourning what was missed. It is plain and black to, retrospectively, be 'humble and earthy' - you may not have diamonds and jewels to adorn it, but you still can be a Queen or King! It's again to resemble something of a 'warrior/antithesis' to your usual 'queen.' You can be a 'dreamerqueen' or 'dreamerking' too! if you've been through challenges and have been hurt by unfair and cruel systems and/or people - you can stand up for yourself and reclaim your worth! This doesn't mean to be super angry (because that's not good for you) but to re-channel that hurt and anger into positive, assertive, defiant celebration of..

 who you truly are!


your dreams...

I challenge you to take your own tiara, paint it black, take a selfie and hashtag #shadowcrown #nevergiveup #queenofmydreams or #kingofmydreams !

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The lyrics of I am Dreamerqueen, New Renaissance, Don't Read My Lipstick, Light on Lies, Cat In The Night, Rise Above The Bully, Scarlit and Alien Love all represent some the following:

 - Self worth for those who have been marginalized by disability, chronic illness, being autistic, mental health struggles, poverty, neurodivergence etc.,

 - You don't need to be 'royal' and/or born into status to be worthy

- You don't need to dress up to please others, do it for you and your enjoyment, fun, and artistic expressions first! (eg. Don't Read My Lipstick)

  • Disabled and ill people should not be shamed for using their limited energy to dress up, try to have a good time, and get some things out of life when they can (on better days.) They should not be invalidated ie. “well, if you were really that sick, you wouldn’t be dressing up” etc. People who are ill and/or disabled deserve to rise above and live, too. Shaming this by way of saying it’s attention seeking and/or somehow ‘proof’ a person is not that sick is a form of ableism. We deserve to celebrate good days, good moments, and any ability we may have to take in life. My dad invented a word for it: “Cele-shaming.” So when I post modelling photos of myself I sometimes hashtag #no #celeshaming

- It's ok to think for yourself, develop objective views and have your own autonomy 

- Disabled and ill people are still beautiful and sassy

- Not all disabilities and illnesses are that 'visible' or 'well known' many are not, many are invisible, rare and complex .. it's important for society and doctors to believe and accept that people with invisible or subtly-appearing or unusual/different illnesses and disabilities' experiences are real and deserving of compassion

- Disabled, chronically ill, neurodivergent and marginalized people can rock it as pop music artists, actors and/or fashion models, and artists/artivists of all kinds

- There should be more opportunity for us to be represented in things like music, film and television.

- Disabled women especially are under-represented in the above, recently a well known film based on a true story represented a character, who in real life had been disabled and ill, as fine and able bodied

- Pop music and pop music artists can represent and convey deeper, more inspirational messages and have the positive impact on people's lives like they often used to have, in the past. 

- Believe in the ability for disabled and ill people to access and reach their dreams and talents

- Having hope amid struggle and hardship, never giving up, perseverance

- Believe in the ability for disabled and/or ill people to heal from poor treatment, and prevent it in the future.

- Society, doctors and medical personnel need to see us as human beings that have talents and worth, and stop patronizing us, denying us, or having low expectations

- Disabled and ill people aren't 'sad, weak, or feeble' we are strong! We don't need pity, we just want to be understood, respected and accommodated where it is required and necessary

- Many doctors need to treat disabled, marginalized, chronically ill, autistic people, people with mental health issues more sensitively and respectfully, remedial training is needed

- it's ok to be sensitive and heartfelt, it's not a weakness, it does not need to be shamed

- We can be strong though, and react to things assertively and firmly, but not very angrily (which hurts ourselves, too .. and causes violent conflict.) 

- It's ok to seek out and enjoy (healthy) pleasure and play, (especially when balanced with earnest work) - We can heal and find peace - We can't always totally control our fate, but we can take control our destiny and leave an impact regardless ! We can be the "king or queen' of our dreams! 

I have made it my life's mission and hope to keep promoting and sharing out my work and message so I can reach people as well as help myself and my family, to the best of my abilities. I need your help to jumpstart this mission. I'm passionate about change and awareness, and I strive for diplomacy and positivity. I hope to keep being able to do my work and art as much and as long as I can. All I know is I have to keep trying and I will. If for some reason I do not make it through, I know I left here everything I could and gave it my all.

- Rose aka. "Dreamerqueen"