Coming Fall 2017

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DreamerQueens' music is unique, and prime. It’s about struggle and hope. It’s infectious melodies and hooks, applied to catchy, smooth, eclectic beats and lyrics, wrap it in sweetly satiable ear candy. DreamerQueen captures what has been enjoyed about good pop music over the years, and yet her style, both musically and visually, is original. 

The eponymous debut album reflects the artists’ own life experiences, but in ways relatable to people, and to life. Song by song, it passionately tells a familiar story. DreamerQueen is a true survivor who reaches for thriving by deciding to steal joy, and to pursue and live dreams, in spite of tribulation. She has turned what has been her deepest passion all her life, into an electrifying ode representing this. We hope this music will help others feel hopeful and inspired, while enjoying too. 

DreamerQueen music will make you want to dance, and to, as some previewers have described it "blast in your car and go on a long drive". It speaks in tongues of poignant and heartfelt poetry and riddles, which some previewers have compared to Jim Morrison. One may not fully understand it at first, but they will certainly feel it. 

- Bionic Rose Productions




~ Coming Soon ~