Musical artivist. Independent producer. Composer of catchy and meaningful synthpop tunes. Survivor. Dreamer. Fashion Lover. Woman outside the boxes. Joy stealer. Advocate. Truthseeker.

© N.M. Rose Guedes 2018

pop music familiar but never heard before.

story known but never known.

find the royal dreamer in you.

have a listen, watch the channel.


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About Dreamerqueen and her Music: 

Dreamerqueen is a musical artivist, poet and blogger/vlogger who has also been a community and self advocate in her own way (to read more about this go to "Bio" page.) Dreamerqueens' musical style is original. It reflects favourite hits of the past, yet with a fresh, modern, infectiously catchy dark synthpop vibe. There's fun with message and meaning behind it. The debut album, Live To Dream, reflects the artists' own life experiences' of struggle, hope, perseverance and triumph. It's a sensually and softly sung, but also fierce survival story relatable to many. Song by song it passionately unfolds and invites you to hum and dance with it. Rose Guedes a.k.a Dreamerqueen is a survivor who reaches for thriving by deciding to steal joy wherever she can, and to pursue dreams in spite of battling life-limiting illness. She's turned her deepest passion into an electrifying ode representing this. 



We hope this music will help others feel hopeful and inspired, while enjoying it, too. 

- Bionic Rose Productions