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Copyright Scarlit Rose Productions 2017

~ You are worthy ~ I am worthy ~ We are worthy ~ Of our dreams ~

Produced by N.M. Rose Guedes and Eric Hogg at Soma Sound
Vocal recording by N.M. Rose Guedes
Synth recording by N.M. Rose Guedes & Nelson Guedes
Mixing, programming, editing, mastering, guitar and additional backing vocals by Eric Hogg at Soma Sound
Music and lyrics by N.M. Rose Guedes
Copyright Scarlit Rose Productions & Soma Sound 2017, all rights reserved

About Dreamerqueens’ Music: 

As self producing indie pop music artist “Dreamerqueen” I’m excited to share my original music with you! In 2017 I released my debut music album, Live To Dream, and I hope to make more music again in the future. Many people who’ve listened to Live To Dream really enjoy it, and have given it glowing feedback!

So let me tell you about it. The pop based musical style on Live To Dream is original, fun, melodic and catchy. Growing up I loved good music, starting with the oldies and motown hits my parents used to play in the car, and incessantly watching musicals. My favorite musicals were ones like Fame, Cats, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. I also liked musical movies like West Side Story and Gypsy. As I grew a little older I soaked up all that great pop music, such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Ace of Base, and as a preteen I loved Aqua and The Spice Girls, as well as some hip hop groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child, and great pop/rock music such as Alanis Morisette, Green Day and The Cranberries. I’ve listened to and enjoyed lots of different music, so that’s really just an overview! I’ve had lots of musical influences to draw upon for my writing and composing, which evolved over the years, beginning at age 14. Live To Dream, is predominantly a synth pop style. Given my influences, it definitely has a retro flare, reflecting styles of the past, but with a fresh, modern vibe. It’s catchy and fun, but also meaningful, with melodic hooks and great beats. It has received very positive reviews from listeners. The theme, and the lyrics, are meant to inspire confidence in overcoming struggle, pain, grief, and discrimination. Listening is lots of fun - but there’s a powerful message and meaning behind it. The album softly reflects my life experiences. It's a sweetly sung but also fierce survival story which many can relate to in their own way. Song by song it passionately unfolds and invites you to hum and dance with it..

...and maybe be inspired by it, too :)

For lyrics to all the songs on Live To Dream check out the Lyrics page here

I am a survivor reaching for thriving by deciding to steal joy, pursue dreams and share my message in spite of fighting life-limiting illness. I decided to own my dream to make music, in spite of circumstances, and hope to encourage you to do so, too - which is why I choose to use the stage name “Dreamerqueen.” I’ve turned my passion into a musically electrifying ode representing both my struggles and hopes, while also being really fun to listen to, and I want to share it with you!


- N.M. Rose Guedes, Scarlit Rose Productions

Copyright Scarlit Rose Productions 2017

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