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Scarlit Rose Ashcraft aka. 'Dreamerqueen' - Indiepop Music Artist, Writer & Composer, Author, Poet, Advocate, Survivor, Neurodivergent, Fighting EDS & rare disease, disabled, freethinker, joystealer, peace, balance & healing seeker







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I have 80 limited edition hard copy CDs of Live To Dream music album in the original style/1st edition design. I am hoping to send these all away (signed personally to you if you wish!) as part of a special "holiday package" for a pledge of 10.00 or more (great deal!) *They will be sent as letter mail, because the package is compact enough to 'fit' as that! (*please note that if you desire Xpresspost or Priority instead, additional fees must apply.)

The package will also include an immediate digital download (while you wait for the mail!) as well as digital download of the Girl Outside 5 Song EP (as seen on Bandcamp), plus two postcards with the test run of the 2nd edition album cover, one as a Thank You, and one with a Download Code on it, for you to pass onto a friend as a gift! I'll also include a special Canadiana-esque Holiday card with my families Santa picture too! :) ...Also, all pledgers will be able to receive either or both of my Ebooks (otherwise avail on Kindle/Amazon, and featured on my site) in PDFby email, if they so desire ...

Oh and last but not least, this special Holiday package includes a FREE future download of my second album (title still is shhhh!) due to be released Summer 2019!! I am really excited to announce my decision to embark on this project, as a way to cope with pain and ensuing depression, and retain strength and vitality.

ALL those who pledge to the Dream To Live kickoff will be eligible for a download of the new album come Summer 2019!!

The main Dream To Live Fundraiser/Store page will begin on my newly revamped and reopened website , in the new years. I've been working really hard to re-build and finish all related materials linked to the site ( new YT, blogs, etc - more content is still in the works!) So, after Dec 31st 2018, I will fundraise directly from there only, and the pledge rates for a hard copy CD will be a little higher. This is a limited time special offer! ;)

I am releasing a 2nd edition version of Live To Dream in the new year. It has a different cover design (which I have designed a test run of - but before I put into production it'll go through professional perfecting of quality!) You will get to see a preview of this design via the Thank You and Digital Download postcards! After Dec 31,2018 I will switch to Fundraising by pledge for music album, merch, book, and clothing/accessories boutique (silent auction - this part is open now) exclusively through the new site. The hard copy of Live To Dream with the new cover will be available then.

Why this fundraising Kickoff will help my family and I:

Since I was diagnosed with Atlantoaxial Instability (instability in my upper neck, below the weight of my skull) in May, it's been a rough go of things. This'll be a difficult holiday season for us, and I'd prefer us to have a bit of a nicer one, - struggling as we currently are to cover our basis. AAI is a difficult and very painful Ehlers-Danlos syndrome complication to be fighting, in addition to my other challenges, which I still have (though not as badly as I did, thank goodness - or I don't think I'd be able to fight c-spine instability as well.) I have gone through a grief period, since being diagnosed. Being diagnosed with AAI has gotten me taken a bit more seriously, but I have only just begun to heal (emotionally/spiritually) and recieve even some of the help I need. However, what exactly to do about this AAI (how and if to obtain surgery) it is still uncertain. This is tough for me.I have become very depleted and challenged in dealing with this, especially my mobility and pain levels. This is even though I seem strong, and look more 'well' on the outside. This is because I've gradually 70% recovered from GI issues that were causing me to be unaturally very thin for my usual build (i'm small and short, but naturally curvy) and malnourished, before the start of which point I started on pancreas and some other medications, as well as IV hydration treatments. (I have given more detailed updated on my new blog streams' page/blog/vlog.)

So it's been a pretty tough season for myself and my family, this year. We're trying our best, but I'm hoping to raise some funds to help, some of which'll go to my family having a nice Christmas, and some of which'll be put into the Savings to start up the bigger, more long term "Fundraiser' Store" on the new site, in the new year.

By the way, also, if my music style is not your thing, but you still want to support/help, that is welcome and I am not offended! Please then feel free to give the album away to someone whom you feel would like (or even love) it, as a gift! If you would like me to sign the CD to someone else other than yourself, please let me know.

I would greatly appreciate your help with spreading the word about this Kickoff Fundraiser... My goal is to 'let go' of ALL 80 copies of Live To Dream, 1st edition! It'll really help my family and I, and be a nice edition to your music collection! I would greatly appreciate your sharing this with your friends, and perhaps suggesting they share with their friends circles, too.

We are also trying to get the word out locally, here in Victoria and surrounding areas, too. If you are within my vicinity please let me know, so I can refrain from mailing you the album, if you prefer to exchange in person - we can make arrangements! If you have friends locally who'd like to pledge for a package, and you collect pledges from them and packages for them on their behalf, that's cool too! Let me know and we can make those kinds of arrangments. All further questions can be PMed to me or directed to my email

Even though things are tough, I'm trying my very best with the resources I have, to deal with things head on, to do what I love the most and have it not only benefit me but others, and create a better life and future for myself and my family while making a difference. I have hope that, in spite of my challenging situation, things will somehow work out and peace will be found in one way or another.. but I have to take things in careful strides.

This holiday seasons' been a bit tough for us, and I'd appreciate your help if you are able - and get a great, invaluable and memorable reward in return.