Musical artivist. Independent producer. Composer of catchy and meaningful synthpop tunes. Fashion Lover. Bionic. Survivor. Dreamer. Woman outside the boxes. Joystealer. Advocate. Truthseeker.

Currently, you can support me/pledge by purchasing my album by way of your choice, and sharing my content out to help spread the word!

These days it's challenging to get content out there, so I always welcome help in the way of sharing/promotion. If you are interested in investing in this music, and/or have any help/tips to offer regarding promotion, please feel free to contact me via dreamerqueen.pop@gmail.com

On Bandcamp, there is the option of paying more than the base price, if you wish. Check out Get The Album for more details!

I also welcome pledges, which I intend to put into promotion costs, via my paypal account dreamerqueen.pop@gmail.com