Musical artivist. Independent producer. Composer of catchy and meaningful synthpop tunes. Fashion Lover. Bionic. Survivor. Dreamer. Woman outside the boxes. Joystealer. Advocate. Truthseeker.

"Working with a humble budget and armed with little more than software, inspiration and raw talent, DreamerQueen's debut album Live to Dream is essentially about the art of dancing under conditions where tears would come just as easily, if not more so. Inspired by her own struggles with poverty and navigating a health care and social service system under increasingly dire circumstances, Live To Dream is essentially club music for those long dark nights of the soul."

-Mary Freebed Au (Queen of Aspic)

"Rose's music is so awesome, it feels like you're being transported to another world. 80s and 90s music is coming back right now thanks to the synth sounds and creative lyrics. Let's see if we can get Rose to number one as her music is real, proper music compared to what we have in today's charts."

-Hannah Reading 

"Dreamerqueen lifts you up, and inspires with messages of hope and courage. Each track is an anthem in its own right. Relatable. Empowering. Transcendent. These angelic vocals and sick beats are a fantastic combination of sweet and sassy, vulnerable and strong. Simply, awesome."

- Heather M.

"I like the celtic vibe in a couple of the songs I've heard with an electronic fusion of elements from the 80's and early 90's. Catchy lyrics with some cryptic themes squeezed in that get you thinking make for a nice poetic combination. I look forward to hearing more. Great job!" 

- Corey McRae

 Read comeherefloyd.com review * here *         if you would like to write a review, please email dreamerqueen.pop@gmail.com 

Read comeherefloyd.com review *here



if you would like to write a review, please email dreamerqueen.pop@gmail.com