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About Reward/Gift package:


With this campaign, I have modeled it after Kickstarter in the way that it is designed to gift all 'backers' with a reward if it is fully successful. Should I reach my full goal, it's very important to me that this gift package is put together for all those who chose to take action and Pledge. Some people may say "oh, well you could use those funds for medical care too" but really, I don't need more than 60% of 40,000x5$ to cover my basis medically. It's really really important to me that I give back, something memorable. The reward package offers a gift by way of creating a tangeable memory for the supporter. It's something that has an impact, that someone can keep special, that they can feel good about, and share with others if they wish! It's more invaluable than valuable. The gift package is a very special item that affirms the message behind the music and this campaign!