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Dear viewers, friends, and supporters:

As you know, these days getting yourself and your content out there online can be very tough. I do not profess to be an expert at this, and I lack the means to pay a lot to have it seen. So I rely on people to share!

In light of that, I welcome and appreciate all and any help I can get sharing my content, campaign and message. I believe my music and content is poignant! It can be enjoyable and can make an impact - but it all comes down to sharing. Your sharing helps me spread the word! So if you can tell your friends and family about my story and campaign, and direct them to my website and music teasers, and suggest to them to do the same - this will be very much appreciated!

I'm only an independent artist with barriers such as chronic illness. I am David next to the "Goliath" of something like corporate pop music and their signed artists, and thus the ability to share, and be seen. I am a one woman show, totally self produced. Though there's lots of great stuff out there to compete with, I know my stuff is good enough to have a chance! I have had some excellent feedback thus far. I dream of surviving my own health ordeal, developing the music further (ie music videos) and I welcome any outside help or guidance.

My life depends on getting my message out there, but I also believe that my campaign will help many other people, and even save other lives! Perhaps I'm doing something no one else has done. I believe we all deserve to be 'royal' in the way we are treated as human beings with worth, and I believe we all deserve to have pleasure in our lives - but - am not the kind of pop singer who needs diamond rings or golden toilet seats ... because our greatest 'luxury' is life itself. Life is precious, and it's being taken from me.

~ I just want life ;) ~

There's so much more that I want to do in my life, I am not done! 'live to dream, because I dream to live.' I'm working to pursue something I love, in hopes to make a 'life difference' for both others and me. I won't give up.

If you are interested in the business side of my music, or helping me rally and share my campaign, please contact me at dreamerqueen.pop@gmail.com

Thank you