Coming Summer 2017


With regards to activism work and reciprocal interactions: At this time, I am trying to keep focussed on managing a serious health situation, personal healing, bucket list music and advocacy goals, and family stuff. I have left the better of my former work up for the purpose of advocacy and awareness, so it'll continue to be helpful and relatable to some. However, please keep in mind that my situation, outlook and what I learn does evolve and has evolved. I'll continue to periodically share relevant former work on activism page/s and I'll do something new here and there. However, I have needed to take a step back from the activism in the way I was going about it originally. My health situation has become very challenging and serious, and my energy budget is even tighter that before. This isn't personal at all. If you wish to connect with me, please check out the contact page and have a read over the contact protocol, to learn more about my limits and how to best connect with me.

Re: Cynics, Harsh Critics and Bullying

I have zero tolerance for any more bullying, cruelty, abuse and ignorant misjudgements about who I am and why I'm doing what I'm doing. I have 100% ZERO tolerance for any more "faker" accusations. The conditions I have are real, and are fact. I have provided evidence of the facts *here*

Autism: I am a woman positively diagnosed, multiple times now, as being on the autistic spectrum. The diagnoses were made using psycho-educational testing and viewing childhood video footage, and interviewing family and friends. They were thorough and are completely official. I also think my aspergers' is obvious enough, to most who know and learn about aspergers'. Anyone who chooses to apply my autistic blind spots and idiosyncratic ways, which I cannot necessarily help, to a pathology which in reality doesn't represent me, is doing so out of a need to dislike, hate or harshly criticize me as a person, in order to suit their agenda to be hateful. This is their problem. If a person dislikes me, or things I say, because they do not agree with my opinions and views, and they feel differently, this is totally their right, as long as they are not rude or abusive with their words. 

EDS: I do in fact have the unusual but serious illness Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, (EDS.) It has been diagnosed four times now, including by a dermatologist who deemed my skin type and way of scarring positive of an Ehlers-Danlos related collagen defect. This bears strong legal weight. So I do not "want" or "need" to be sick, I am sick, and the former (defective weakened collagen) is what makes me sick and causes intense chronic pain and fatigue. This is fact. Anyone who knows and sees me in my personal life can vouch that my illness cannot be faked and absolutely is not faked. Period.

Abuses and assumptions based on harsh and ignorant criticisms are not welcome here. 

Want to learn about autism, EDS and how to help? That is most welcome here.

Summary: Bullying and attacking was cruel, hurtful, traumatic, and frustrating. It caused me to not get on with my music as I should have, and letting myself get sicker, because I made the mistake of letting it get to me. But today I will not accept any more of it, nor will I again let it get it me. (facts are facts.) My mission is unique, genuine, multi-faceted and can't/shouldn't be compared to other things because it is not comparable. This mission is fuelled by the fact that bullying, including adult bullying, happens way too rampantly, especially to autistic people or people who are different in any way. It causes chronic life suffering and sometimes death. It needs to stop as a whole, and it will no longer be tolerable here.

Re "Attention Seeking"

Bullies and critics have sometimes thrown the accusation of being "attention seeking" at me. Ok - well yes, I do seek attention, with purpose. Other times, I wish to have privacy. I think this is clear. But this is also common among self-advocates seeking to raise awareness, and it's common with music artists. So yes, I aim to gain specific attentions, but not in a negative or shallow way - in a positive way for the purpose of seeking making a difference, for increasing awareness and in this being helpful to others (as well as myself.) Using "you are attention seeking" in the context of an insult sort of makes no sense, has no fair base, and distorts the reality of what I am actually doing as I decide to put myself out there. My motives are understandable, fair, passionate, heartfelt and definitely sincere. They are not in the least bit sinister. Referring to me as an"attention seeker" in a way which is meant to be some sort of cruel insult is iterated in a perversely negative context. It's distortedly cynical, and not based in reality.

If you really don't like me or what I do, that's fine - but have some respect. I'm fighting for my life and trying to reach bucket list goals. So follow Thumper from Bambi's advice, and move on. I will no longer accept gaslighting.