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Thursday, September 6th 2018,

Well, I finally got the site's pledge drive fundraising campaign up! However, I have not been able to make the video yet, because my computers' HD failed and is in the shop (what a stress.) Once I get it back, I will be able to do videos again. For now it is a waiting game, but I am updating my Instagram with my phone. I have lot's to catch up re: Instagram! I am learning a lot about hashtagging, and I think I finally 'get' it :P This week has been rough for me, because I exerted myself a lot over the labour day weekend. I have been very sore and weak, though I had a decently good Neurology appointment yesterday, and got to try the Starbucks' iced Blossoming Rose Tea latte.

Pledge Count

There are been 0 pledges thus far, but they'll come. I only just got it up!