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What are "Forks" ? What is the "Fork Theory"? 

Christine Miserando's Spoon Theory is a conceptual vehicle of conveying to those without chronic illnesses what it is to try and accomplish one's activities of daily living with a limited amount of stamina scarcely equal to the volume of each task. As each task exacts a certain amount of physical energy that cannot be recovered until one has rested, nothing more can be done after all the units of available energy (spoons) have been spent.

Likewise, Fork Theory applies in a similar way to those who have a limited amount of mental energy to expend on executive functioning and social interactions. After one has spent one's forks, one must retreat from the world. Forks and spoons are additionally somewhat interchangeable in that one can expend spoons in order to gain forks, but otherwise are separate from each other, and denote separate types of fatigue. 

The original concept of the Fork Theory was thought up by myself and adapted into an essay/short book written by Rosie Guedes, which is being further adapted into a second edition that will be available in the near future."

 - Mary Freebed , editor