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Scarlit Rose Ashcraft aka. 'Dreamerqueen' - Indiepop Music Artist, Writer & Composer, Author, Poet, Advocate, Survivor, Neurodivergent, Fighting EDS & rare disease, disabled, freethinker, joystealer, peace, balance & healing seeker







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Dear Friends,

I am very appreciative of your support, resonation and solidarity. I enjoy connecting with you in the ways that I can, as I'm able. However, I kindly ask for understanding regarding my circumstance with personal communications. I'm only one person, trying to deal with and manage an illness (which very often involves high levels of pain and fatigue), family responsibilities and an important project (music.) I am often dealing with very limited energy.

Due to the above, please do not take my limits personally. They aren't personal. I care a lot. I'm here to create content for awareness, enjoyment and to interact in the ways that I can.

Though I'm proud of what I did re: activism and autistic community stuff, I've had to shift planes. Being an aspie trying to manage a major illness and family, there's lot's of juggling and lots of energy to try and apply to many places. In spite, I try my best to cover all ground fairly. When I was active doing the 'Girl Outside' stuff, I sometimes encountered a huge influx of messages, I was unable to get back, and people were upset. 

I do try my best to interact with followers on my Social Media sites, and so I do welcome messages and comments. However, in the past I have struggled to keep up with these interactions, and have experienced people expressing disappointment, and even anger towards me, when I have been unable to keep up. So, I have had to create a set of limits. I will outline these limits below. I ask that people understand these limits, know what to expect, and don't take this personally:


Nature of Limits:

Though I can answer brief, one off messages, my health and energy limits do not allow me to pen pal or live chat back and forth very often, especially for longer periods of time. 

The best place to send me a private message is not on instagram or twitter, but my email, .. My email is especially for brief questions.

I can usually answer questions and/or comments via email, PM or youtube commentary if they are brief, and not of too many words. With private messages especially, I'll need some time to get back. Again, I cannot give long answers/messages back or be expected to continuously pen pal - but I will try my best to answer and be of help within the limits I have. 

Sometimes I may forget to answer a comment or to get back to you via PM. If I don't get back to you, please try not to take it personally. If it was very important and you were really hoping for an answer back, please gently send me another message reminding me.


Length of messages:

I have visual processing challenges, so I can become overwhelmed with large bodies of words if they are not separated by paragraph (it looks too busy.) Also, it takes me a lot of energy to read and respond to longer messages, because I like to respond to all aspects of what was said. I may not have that energy to spare, so this makes it difficult for me to respond to a long message. I will struggle with getting back to you if you're message is too long/un-paragraphed.



I engage in Facebook mainly to run my pages and to keep up with friends/family that lives far aways' pics and commentary, when I can. As of late, I seldom use my personal profile on FB, and am more so on there to share on my pages a few times a week. I try to keep up with comments on my pages and may be able to answer a shorter PM with a shorter response in inboxes. However, I'm not able to live chat on Facebook.


Skype and Phone calls:

I cannot do personal Skype or phone calls, because I've had too many requests for this, and I can't keep up with them. However, in the future I may do an organized phone-in chat time, through a friends' radio show, or planned interviews for youtube. I will announce this if and when it happens.



When it comes to Youtube commentary, like with my other social media profiles, I try to answer comments as much as I can. But just like with private messages and emails, I struggle to fully read and respond to very long and detailed youtube comments. So, please try to keep your Youtube comment reasonably shorter and more succinct, if you would like me to be able to respond.


Final note:

Please do not become aggressive and/or verbally violent with me for being unable to go beyond my limits in personal communications. This has happened to me in the past, and I can no longer tolerate it. I will have to delete/block any violence towards me in this way. I do understand feeling rejection-sensitive, and have experienced this in the past myself. However, I am not ignoring anyone in particular for any personal reason - I am just limited in energy. If/when people can't understand that, I will have to protect myself.


Thank you

- Rose Guedes