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Scarlit Rose Ashcraft aka. 'Dreamerqueen' - Indiepop Music Artist, Writer & Composer, Author, Poet, Advocate, Survivor, Neurodivergent, Fighting EDS & rare disease, disabled, freethinker, joystealer, peace, balance & healing seeker







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'Girl Outside' work, 2011-2016




"Early in my career as an author, Rosie supported my work. I was impressed by—and never forgot—her kindness, her openness, her enthusiasm for learning and self-improvement, and her desire to help others. A person like that is a gift to anyone who is taking baby steps into the unknown."


Rudy Simone, musician, singer-songwriter, composer, advocate, author of Aspergirls and several other books about life on the spectrum and more. 


"Rosie Guedes is an inspirational Autistic self-advocate and her work is a valuable resource both for a neurodivergent and a neurotypical audience. Rosie is a talented artist whose writing shares her unique perspective and she also produces videos with interesting and engaging subject matter. The topics Rosie discusses and the messages she puts out are part of an important social discourse and I have the utmost respect for her sincerity and her devotion. I truly appreciate how she shares her personal experiences as a way to shed light on many different crucial issues. I would highly recommend taking the time to look into all the wonderful content Rosie Guedes has to offer."

-Alanna Whitney, Autistic Activist and Self-Advocate 

"A moving, mind-opening experience written by one who is there; and well-written blog. It could save your life."  

-Tanja Guven (Mary Freebed) Editor-In-Chief

"I am a long time dear friend of Rose Guedes, and a follower of her marvellous work. She takes an eclectic approach in her activism, guidance, and writing, as she draws from introspection, peer-reviewed research, and experiences of other people from the autism spectrum community. While the work she does is highly analytical and contemplative, she is heart centred in the process and expresses much authenticity, and empowers others in the community to do the same. Her most recent work, 'Beyond the Boxes,' details a compendium of experiences and insight that are an absolute must to read and reflect upon. I have so much confidence in Rose, and look forward to following her on her journey, as it evokes and inspires others in realms of activism, creative endeavours, and solidarity within the community of those on the autism spectrum and their allies."

-Adam Phillip C-Livingston

 "The first video I watched by Rosie enlightened me about many helpful things about Aspergers and other conditions. Every other video I watched was equally as helpful. Rosie's work is very beneficial to anyone who either has Aspergers or knows someone with Aspergers. :)

 I believe the Canadian govt would be wise to help Rosie with her work by awarding her with a grant."

 -Tim V.

"Rosie Guedes is extremely passionate about improving understanding and awareness about aspergers/autism.  She is sympathetic and well aware of the challenges often faced by fellow aspies/auties (especially females) seeking help and support.  Warm and welcoming to newcomers seeking either to understand or be understood, Rosie believes a community can best help others learn and grow by sharing their stories, experiences and  perspectives.  Her videos offer a courageously honest insight on many relevant subjects.  Many people have been able to relate to her experiences or gain a new understanding or approach with something."


"Just want to thank Rose for all she has done, not just for me but for all of us who are sick, autistic, etc. We all need an advocate and she has the words, willpower, and experience to do it. Just want to thank you Rosie for all you do." 

-Justim Fahmie

"Rose Whitson-Guedes is trying to raise awareness about the struggles late diagnosed autistic women face.

This is vital because many autistic women are falling through the cracks. For example, she has an important message about the physical health issues that often accompany autism, such as Fibromyalgia.  When women discuss their health issues, they often face ignorant accusations, based on stereotypes. She also describes how hard it is for Autistics to get a diagnosis.  

The DSM V has removed Asperger's from its manual, and psychiatrists can badly betray us when we do try to seek a formal diagnosis. She also profoundly describes many of the daily challenges Autistics face, such as inconsistent abilities, cognitive differences and language difficulties and ADD. She emphasizes people need to identify themselves as autistic to prevent being badly misunderstood.

 For example, great harm occurs when Autistics are mislabeled as having other mental illnesses. She is also trying to understand the labels society is using to discriminate against people in general, emphasizing we need to think outside of society's indoctrination in her new book, Beyond the Boxes.   These are important messages we all need to hear.  Rose is working very hard to give Autistics a voice."

-Scott Linder

"Hi, I'm gonna tell you something, and you just see what goes through your head. I HAVE Aspergers syndrome. I'm autistic. What goes through your head when I say that..if you don't know me and you're not following my blogs? I'm tired of people's reactions when I say this. I'm tired of the stereotyping. I guess when you think of AS, you think of some nerdy dude in a science lab, whose really dry, and has a dry personality? Well, I'll tell you something, that's not most of us; we all have different personalities. First of all I'm a girl! I'm a female, I present differently, and because I'm a girl, I didn't get diagnosed until I was 26 yrs old. ...'what's wrong with me liking to look pretty/ am I supposed to wear no makeup?..I mean, I am a GIRL TOO?"  All of that is gold, Rosie. I found this video a year after being diagnosed, and I felt a sense of 'yes, this woman is presenting the aspie ME, to a T'. I shared this video among family members- it was the first video I found in which I could truly relate to in the sense that, well, your experiences seemed very similar to my own. Thank you for putting yourself 'out there'. I really couldn't word it any better than this, because this first (quoted) opening paragraph just 'hit' my nerves like an avalanche"
-Melanie Collette
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